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The KEY FOUNDATION organises communities of the poor and needy to take a leading role in the initiatives for safe and secure self-employment, housing and infrastructure. The idea is that only when very large numbers of the poor are networked as an organised collective with clear strategies and goals, their demands are taken seriously, heard and implemented in the country. The Foundation membership expands with the fulfillment of demand and its implementation, within a country and across countries, therefore we represent hundreds of thousands of households. Mainly, for the poor and unemployed needy, rather than the middle or educated class who have their own means and method of fulfilling their demands, to actually spearhead the process of change and development for self employment, better shelter and education for Poverty Alleviation, much time, funds and effort would be invested in building organisational, financial, managerial and negotiation skills and capacities of communities as well as their leadership. The idea of the foundation is that communities and their leadership must begin by getting together, building their assets, searching for land, doing their homework and preparing for managing their small business, self-employment, education, housing and infrastructure, the Aim of the Foundation is to undertake/assist the poor to begin in exploring possible solutions, test out various options and to see themselves as important agents of change, be a partner in the progress of our country.
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